Peeking at the two Sides of Macau

A country famous for having five times the Gambling revenue compared to Vegas, Macau is a small haven where the rich can spend their money and where different hotel and food industry opportunities can be sought.

Divided into two islands, one is more contemporary which is full of Hotels and Casino while the other is more traditional which if full of museums and ruins making Macau an interesting country to visit.


Documentation: Similar to Hong Kong, the immigration here is fast without even stamping the passport, they will just insert a piece of paper which you have to show upon exiting also.

But for safety reasons it’s always best to be prepared with your hotel bookings and flight tickets.

  • Two way tickets
  • Hotel Bookings

I would also like to suggest that if you plan on traveling to Macau or Hong Kong then trying visiting both at once because this two countries are very close to each other.  


Safety:  The people here are used to travelers and based on my experience here it is really quiet safe strolling from one place to another. 

Everyone is free to roam around the different hotels but be sure to have maps on hand because believe me, the hotels are big enough to be lost in.

For security reasons Casinos are very strict with hand held cameras, tripods and people taking picture or videos, so documentation in this area is strictly prohibited. So I guess the saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ” is also applied in this areas.

Lastly, please be a responsible gambler. I’ve seen tourist or travelers begging for cash to finance their trip.


Lodging: Macau is packed with a lot of hotels and mostly 4-5 stared hotel. So whichever hotel you will choose will surely have a satisfaction guaranteed rating.

In the end everything will always be up to your budget and again it is always wise to book early online.


Food: On the road going to St.Paul’s ruins are shops full of Samples or free tasting of their different delicacies. From the famous Egg tart , different varieties of Jerky, Cookies, pork chop in a bun  and Durian ice cream.

The most unusual food ever was the bowl of noodles with Portuguese sardines, egg and pork chop all together but it was very delicious.


Places to go:  Macau is a small country which can be roam around within two to three maximum days but it has so much so offer specially for us travelers.


The mode of transportation here are buses ,taxi and pedicabs. But from the port and in the airport  different buses from different hotels are available for free so its best to catch one of this buses to save you some time.

It’s always best to plan your trip ahead to save time and make the most of everything. I would like to suggest going to the traditional places in the morning first until afternoon and then enjoy the different hotels and shows in the evening.

Every hotel has something to offer like a mini Italy gondola ride,a fountain show , a complementary cable car lift , a very large aquarium, forever locks for couples in the Eiffel tower and other interesting shows so its better to check all of them.

The Macau park also has a very short and cheap cable car lift for those who haven’t experience riding one.


This is my top places to go in Macau:

  • Ruins of St.Paul
  • Senado Square
  • Fortaleza Do Monte
  • Museum of Macau
  • Grand Prix Museum
  •  A Ma Temple
  • Macau Tower
  • The Venetian Hotel
  • Parisian Hotel
  • Kun Iam Statue

There are still more places in Macau that are not listed and we didn’t get any chance to visit so it’s always best to plan ahead and we hope you’ll enjoy this country as much as we did.

Just a short summary of our trip in Macau:


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