Gazing at the Fragrant Harbor, Hong Kong

As I was gazing at the sky, waiting for the symphony of lights to start at the famous fragrant harbor of Asia, you really can’t help and say “Hong Kong is truly a fascinating country.”

A place where the legendary Bruce Lee was born, where every park has the spirit of kung fu being practiced, where everyone can be a kid again while you witnessed fairy tales coming to life and a place pack with sacred templesDefinitely, Hong Kong should be one of the top places to visit and get away from the daily worries in life.


Documentation: Lucky for us this country is open to all travelers willing to explore it’s beauty and culture. I was even surprised with their immigration, it was such a breeze that they don’t even have to stamp our passports ,they just place a piece of paper which you will have to show again upon exiting. But for safety reasons it is still best to play it safe and prepare all your documents. So prepare the following:

  • Two way tickets
  • Hotel bookings


Safety: For travelers be aware of swindlers offering you cheaper tickets or rooms. It’s always cheaper to book online and for famous attraction places, tickets are also available online. (Hong Kong Disney land Link ) (Madame Tussauds Link) (Ocean Park Link) (Ngong Ping 360 link) (Victoria Peak Link)

Lodging: Disney land Hotel would be the most ideal place to stay in Hong kong but if you’re traveling on a budget there are a lot of hotel and hostel in kowloon area which are very near  to the famous harbor, Garden of stars, clock tower, kowloon park and a 10 minute walk to the ladies market.



Food: When it comes to food the Roasted goose, Steamed chicken, Milk tea and other street food is a must try. Egg tarts are also very famous in this place which are to die for. I would like also to suggest on bringing water and food before going to the Tian Buddha or Ten thousand Buddha cause prices there will be doubled.

Just like in my other blogs, for those who are on a tight budget you can always go to Mc Donalds and KFC. They are budget friendly and yet exciting also because of the fact that they always change their menu depending on the taste and palate of the country. The only thing remains is their famous fried chicken.

For us Filipinos we are proud to have a Jollibee in this country and happy to see other nationals eating what we love.

Places to go: Hong Kong’s MTR is so traveler friendly, very easy to follow and lets you access mostly all the famous attraction for just a few minutes from anywhere. I highly suggest on getting an Octopus card which is really handy for MRT , Buses and other shops like Mcdonalds etc.

The cable cars are the fastest way to the Big Buddha but buses are also available specially for those who are afraid of heights or for rainy seasons.

The best thing to do if your time is limited is to go to the farthest first and then to the nearest . So plan ahead this is only applicable to travelers that are not under a tour package.

One good example is going to the temples in the morning and then kowloon  park during the afternoon which by the way has a kung fu show every Sunday 1pm, an aviary park, and comic character park.

Then during the evening Symphony of lights, the clock tower, the Garden of stars and ladies market are very near to each other so you can put this places together in your itinerary.

The Disney land would really cost you one day from 8am to closing time which is the fireworks display.

These are my top places to go in Hong Kong:

  • Disney Land
  • Tian Tan Buddha
  • Ocean Park
  • Ngong Ping 360
  • Victoria Peak
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Clock tower
  • Garden Of Stars
  • Fragrant Harbor
  • Ten thousand Buddha
  • Ladies Market

There are more places to go if you’ll be staying longer but these are my top list for those who will be staying for 3-4 days only.

For more info you can check my Facebook page (eleostravels) and I really appreciate if you hit that like button or leave your comments below. Hope you’ll capture memories in Hong Kong as much as we did.


13 thoughts on “Gazing at the Fragrant Harbor, Hong Kong

  1. You have shared a very comprehensive guide on Hong Kong . I agree with on immigration process being easy and straightforward here, makes travelling hassle free. Egg tarts in Hong Kong are my favourite thing to hog on :).


  2. I could relate with this post since we went to Hongkong just a couple of years back. It was as beautiful as you have described here but I didn’t quite see the fragrant harbour. Disney land hotel is indeed a great place to stay if you want to enjoy the rides and park thoroughly.

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  3. This certainly is a useful guide for visiting Hong Kong. It’s only a small place, but there’s a lot of culture and things to see there.
    We visited Hong Kong quite a few times when we were living in China and each time we were blown away. It feels like London dropped on top of a Chinese city, each corner offering something different. Unfortunately, we documented so little of it and so it’s refreshing to see a post like this.
    By the way, a note on the Kowloon accommodation. Two major hot spots for hostels are the Chungking Mansions and Mirador Mansions. We found these a little too shoeboxy for our tastes, but they’re common with backpackers for their sheer cheapness. Plus, the markets underneath offer some amazing food. An alternative is to try and get an AirBnb further outside of Kowloon. We found a reasonably priced apartment near Mong Kok and a hostel in Sha Tin. Both offered a little more space. But the more central you go, the more premium the space is.

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  4. That’s a lot of information for planning a short trip to Hong Kong, thanks! I haven’t given it much thought to visit there because I usually do not like going to big cities, I am more of a countryside person. But lately, I’ve been reading so much about Hong Kong, I think my wanderlust has been awakened 😀 Will bookmark your post for future reference.

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