A glimpse of Emerati land, Dubai



Luxurious Police cars, exotic pets , a ski slope inside the mall, gold cars, the worlds tallest building and a seven star hotel are just a few of the fascinating things you will only see in Dubai.

An Arab country that is more contemporary compared to other Arabic countries that are more conservative and traditional.

Dubai is also blessed with oil and fossil fuels like other countries in the middle east but it’s their tourism that makes Dubai what it is right now.

Documentation: Entering Dubai will depend on how powerful your passport is, other countries are lucky to be able to have a “visa on arrival” while others will have to apply a visa first before flying to the country. ( Pls refer to this link)

For a hassle-free visa application, you could always ask assistance from a travel agency or you can apply online (Apply or Inquire here) . Don’t forget to prepare the following when reaching their immigration office.

  • Visa
  • Two Way tickets
  • Hotel bookings
  • Valid Id’s

Safety:  When it comes to Public safety Dubai is completely safe from thieves or robbers and leaving your personal belongings unattended or walking alone at night is not a problem here.

Pork and liquor is banned in muslim countries but if you really want to drink there are hotels which serve a moderate amount of alcoholic drinks but for your safety always drink moderately and be sure to be on your toes when you leave the hotel.

Travelers visiting during Ramadan should not eat, drink or smoke during daylight hours. When it comes to clothing Dubai is more open and less conservative and people are allowed to wear trunks and swimwear in the local beaches but always wear a decent attire in other public areas.

Lodging: The top three hotels in Dubai is the Atlantis hotel,  Armani hotel which is located in the Burj khalifa and the Burj Al Arab which is the only seven star hotel in the world.

If your in a tight budget, there are a lot of cheaper places to stay in Dubai with prices ranging from 50 usd and above. As we all know the earlier you book the cheaper it gets so it is always wise to plan ahead.

Food:  The Stuff Camel is something i have heard of and wish i have eaten but this menu is only offered during a wedding and according to the Guinness Books of Records, the stuffed whole camel is listed as the largest single food item on any menu.

Like other Gulf countries it is a must also to try their shawarma , machboos, hummus and other arabic dishes.

If you’re in a budget then the KFC and McDonalds is available also and as what I always mention there menus varies according to a countries tradition and palate. The only thing remains is their fried chicken but their sauce varies from a gravy to a garlic sauce.

For us Filipinos we are proud to have a Jollibee in this country and happy to see other nationals eating what we love.


Places to go: Two MRT lines, that’s how fast and easy it is to go to each destination. Busses and Taxis are all over the country also.

Visitor Sim cards are also available in the airport for your international call  and internet needs such as google maps , social media sites etc which is very convenient for us travelers.

Just like any other GCC countries Dubai has only two climate which is Summer which can get extremely hot and humid 41 °C (106 °F) to 30 °C (86 °F) and Winter which can be very cold even though you can’t see any snow   22 °C (72 °F)  to  28 °C (82 °F).

I suggest you visit the sites from the farthest to the nearest especially if you’re in a tight budget and for several days only. So here’s the top places you can visit in Dubai:

  1. Desert Safari Dubai (Desert Safari link)
  2. Miracle Garden Dubai
  3. The Creek
  4. Dubai Gold Souk
  5. Dubai Zoo
  6. Jumeirah Mosque
  7. Jumeirah Beach
  8. The Grand Mosque
  9. Burj Al Arab
  10. Mall Of Emirates
  11. Burj Khalifa
  12. Mall of Dubai
  13. The Dubai Fountain
  14. Dubai Aquarium and underwater adventure
  15. Ski Dubai
  16. Lego Land Dubai

The list can still go on if i wanted to but the others are mostly themed parks.

Here’s a link to our memories captured in Dubai(Memories of Dubai ).

I guess that’s it and I hope I was able to attract more people to travel more here in the middle east despite all the terrorism, racism and other political conflicts that is happening now. It is completely safe in Dubai.

Thanks for reading and if you like it then feel free to hit that button.


7 thoughts on “A glimpse of Emerati land, Dubai

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  2. Nice Dubai looks like a fun place to visit. I haven’t been yet but stopped off for a week at nearby Abu Dhabi to have a go on the worlds fastest roller coaster.


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